Identity Proofing App 

The low-code Identity Proofing solution for your business.

IPA - Illustation Overview

IPA - Overview 

IPA (Identity Proofing Application) is a web application that helps you verify the identity of your users with an intuitive process, and a streamlined integration.

As a Relying Service, you can integrate IPA in your own application in a simple and secure way.

IPA does not require any installation on the end user side. All the users have to do is scan a QR code with their mobile device, follow the link, and experience the Identity Proofing User Journey.

Why IPA? 

IPA - Implementation Comparison
  • Quick integration in your own application
  • Best in class Identity Proofing User eXperience
  • Leveraging the latest IDEMIA Identity Proofing services features without having to update your application
  • Seamless user journey not requiring any preliminary native application installation on the user's device
  • Configurable in terms of supported Identity Documents, Countries and Verification Methods
  • Customizable to match your brand and blend with your application's look and feel

How it works 

When your users need to prove their identity for accessing your services, direct them to your configuration of IDEMIA's IPA by scanning a QR code. We'll conduct the Identity Proofing process directly with your user, from their mobile device, and return their Verified Identity to your application's back end when completed.

IPA enables quick and straightforward integration with your application :

  1. Create your IPA configuration from your Identity Proofing Dashboard following the step by step User Interface
  2. Implement IPA session creation from your own application using the generated endpoint and credentials attached to your configuration
  3. Insert QR code display in your user's journey with the URL received in the IPA session creation response details
  4. Implement Callback mechanism to receive Identity Proofing results, and proceed to the next step of your application's User Journey

You can even customize the proofing user experience with specific colors and graphics to match your branding guidelines.

IPA currently supports multiple languages to ease the on-boarding of English, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and French speaking users.

Create IPA session - Request QR Code

Create IPA Session and present QR code

Call IDEMIA's IPA Create Session API to receive the session details including a one time link to the created session. Encode the one time link in a QR Code and instruct the User to scan it with their smartphone.

Scan QR code - Display QR Code on customer's end

User scans the QR code

The User scans the QR code with their smartphone and follows the link to the your customized Identity Proofing App (IPA).

QR Code Integration - Scan ID

Identity Proofing Process

User scans their Identity Document and capture their selfie from their mobile browser to be verified by IDEMIA's Identity Proofing services.

QR Code Integration - Receive results

Receive Identity Verification Results

Receive a callback notification of the end of the IPA's Identity Proofing session. Retrieve User's Verified Identity and proceed with the next step of your User's Journey.