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What is Mobile ID?

The Mobile ID solution lets people capture identity credentials securely in a trustworthy manner. These credentials can be used for both private and public organization for identity authentication.

As a Relying Party you can verify end user identities, get access to identity attributes and create digital signatures.

Business applications

  • Remote access for state services
    • REAL ID pre-enrollment
    • Driver’s License renewal / address change / renewal (coming soon!)
    • State tax
    • Public assistance
    • Revenue disbursement
    • Single sign-on portal
    • Medical cannabis
  • Online identity verification
    • Retail / pharmacy / banking
    • Curbside / delivery
    • Commercial relying parties
  • Validate identity for age restricted purchases
    • Restaurants / bars / liquor stores
    • Firearms / tobacco / casinos
    • Gas stations / grocery stores
    • Medical & recreational cannabis
    • Hospitality & lodging


Mobile ID includes multiple layers of security, providing a contactless, convenient, and secure way to verify your identity from your smartphone.

  • Convenient

    Puts your ID at your fingertips and provides a consistent experience both in-person and online. Enroll once and use it everywhere.

  • Private

    Provides layers of trust by only sharing minimal data. For example, it displays “21+ years” instead of full birthdate or address at bar and all transactions are based on user consent

  • Secure

    Information is protected at every step. Enroll with your physical ID and live selfie that is then matched against your DMV record. Unlock with a 6-digit PIN or face match. No passwords or online accounts

How it works

A user needs verification

A user of your site or app chooses to verify identity with their Mobile ID App.

QR code created

The website or app creates a QR code for them to scan.

Request for information

Once the code is scanned they get a notification of what fields to share. The user may be asked to enter 6-digit pin or take a live selfie at this point.

Data securely sent, success

After authentication and the user consents to sharing identity, data is sent securely from their phone over a secure internet connection.

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