Enable Digital First card program

What is Digital First?

Ever more banks are blending the (physical) payment card, which consumers are familiar with and trust, with the interactive and real-time aspects of their mobile app. Then, banks can create fantastic card experiences for their cardholders, independently of the card form factor.

Easy account creation and card application, rapid access to begin making purchases, flexibility, and peace-of-mind while shopping? Check. Implementing a Digital First card program enable banks issuing cards to answer the need for “everything now”.

By implementing a Digital First card program, banks enable consumers to create an account from their mobile app, access a digital version of their card through this app or other digital wallets and immediately start shopping online or in-store while requesting a physical version of the card.

However, Digital First does not mean digital only; it is about blending digital and physical, taking the best out of both worlds, to enable fantastic customer journeys.

Business applications

  • Onboard
    • ID Proofing
  • Push card to
    • Add card to OEM PAYs
    • Add card to Click to Pay
    • Add card to Merchants
  • Pay
    • Display Virtual Card
    • Tap & Pay
  • Control card
    • Activate card
    • Select and display PIN
    • Token control
  • Authenticate
    • Mobile authenticator
  • Customize card
    • Select card body
    • Engrave signature/doodle
    • Select card design
  • Alerts & tracking
    • Get delivery alert
    • Digital inserts


Enrich mobile banking with Digital First cards features

  • Enable digital payments for in-store and online transactions

  • Create a fantastic payment card experience

  • Give control to consumers to choose where and how they want to access their payment mean

  • Offer services corresponding to the “immediacy” expectations of today's customer

  • Improve security and trust


With several hundred million physical payment cards personalized each year and up to 6 million cards digitized per month in the major mobile wallets, IDEMIA provides a unique expertise in card personalization and issuance solutions for both physical and digital cards.

IDEMIA's combination of skills includes expertise in EMV standards, network tokenization, connectivity with 3rd party token vaults, token provisioning, mobile payments and eCommerce. This makes IDEMIA a key partner for issuers to implement Digital First features.

All IDEMIA's Digital First services rely on a set of easy to integrate APIs and optional mobile SDK to be embedded into the card issuer's mobile app reducing integration complexities and shorten the time-to-market for a variety of use cases.

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