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IDEMIA is the leader in identity technologies. Our Identity Proofing platform and Mobile ID solution provide next-level security and fraud protection for you and your customers.

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Identity Proofing

Our identity proofing platform has the tools you need to verify user ID’s within the apps you’re building now.

What is Identity Proofing?

Business Applications

  • Account opening
  • Age verification
  • Account recovery
  • Proof of life
  • SIM/eSIM registration


Mobile ID

Our Mobile ID solution lets you capture your customers' identity credentials securely from a trusted source.

What is Mobile ID?

Business Applications

  • Remotely access gov’t services
  • Pharmacy identification
  • Bank identification
  • Validate age online


Digital First

The IDEMIA Digital First Services Suite provides card issuers with a complete range of solutions to enrich mobile banking apps with (digital) card-related features and build unique Digital First journeys for their cardholders.

What is Digital First?

Business Applications

  • Onboard
  • Push card to
  • Pay
  • Control card
  • Authenticate
  • Customize card
  • Alerts & tracking



The B.CHAIN solution is a biometric hardware wallet. B.CHAIN securely stores a crypto wallet master key, generate public keys and signs transactions under the control of the user. It supports on-card fingerprint and PIN code user authentication.

What is B.CHAIN?

Business Applications

  • Sign transaction
  • Manage crypto coin in the wallet
  • Fingerprint enrollment
  • (BIP32) creation on card
  • Wipe the card


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