ID Proofing Service Release Notes 


New Features and Improvements 

  • Support VISA and Medicare document check against DVS


New Features and Improvements 

  • Improve face liveness and matching algorithms


New Features and Improvements 

  • The videos from the document and liveness captures from the native SDK is now embedded into the identity proof file
  • The documents with detected ESF now benefits of a higher evaluation score
  • Support iPhone 14 pro & iPhone 14 pro max for web document capture

Fixed Issues 

  • Fix iFrame integration issue


New Features and Improvements 

  • Add iFrame support for Biometric Service integration
  • LIVENESS_HIGH is renamed in LIVENESS_ACTIVE for clarity reasons - old name is still accepted to ensure compatibility
  • Increase document coverage


Fixed Issues 

  • WebSDK Document Autocapture - iOS 15.7 support


New Features and Improvements 

  • Improve NFC processing time
  • Surface Senegal National ID number as personalNumber in ID&V response

Fixed Issues 

  • Fixed issue on expired French Resident card omitting indicators from API response
  • WebSDK face autocapture - add iOS 15.7 support Known Issues
  • WebSDK Document Autocapture - iOS 15.7 not supported


New Features and Improvements 

  • Document Autocapture Improvement in web mode

Fixed Issues 

  • Minor bug fix


Fixed Issues 

  • Document data extraction returns now up to 5 lines of address


Fixed Issues 

  • Web document autocapture : add support to iPhone 13 PRO / iPhone 12 PRO
  • Minor bug fix


New Features and Improvements 

  • WebHook improvements
  • Adding the UPDATED operation to WebHook notifications to notify of a change in the related evidence verification result due to comparisons with other evidence submitted subsequently


fixed issues 

  • Minor bug fix


New Features and Improvements 

  • Improved support of new Polish ID documents


fixed issues 

  • Minor bug fix for iPad and Tablet devices


New Features and Improvements 

  • When using Web Face Capture or Document Capture through ID&V API, the videos of the capture sessions may be added to the Proof file. This requires dedicated configuration to be arranged with Idemia support
  • French Identity card expiration management alignment with French regulation


New Features and Improvements 

  • Generic document can be added to the proof file during the transaction process through a new API
  • New protections were introduced against video injection during liveness verification
  • Passive video liveness improvements
  • FACE image within proof can be either a JPEG or a PNG image


New Features and Improvements 

  • Online Face liveness detection improvement
  • Web Document Capture session creation through ID&V API

Fixed Issues 

  • Identity Document web capture – through web browser – is supported on iOS


Fixed Issues 

  • Bug Fix of freezing Safari during document capture on iOS 15


New Features and Improvements 

  • Detect Linecode in US DL
  • Extend Document coverage
  • Detect corner cut on Polish document
  • Improve Online Face liveness detection

Note :

To better reflect the continuous improvements brought to online face liveness detection, and to enforce better fraud detection, the Liveness SecurityLevel scale has been updated and simplified.

With ID&V 4.0.4, the fraud detection level can be setup through the Liveness SecurityLevel to 3 possible values:

  • LOW : for integrators who prefer to focus on the convenience
  • MEDIUM : recommended value – ideal balance
  • HIGH : for integrators who prefer to focus on the security

Without modification of the integration, each integrator will benefit of a better fraud detection level but may experience a slight pass rate decrease.

For the integrators, using the HIGH and above Liveness SecurityLevel, who would consider the pass rate decrease as an inconvenient, they need only to change the security level to MEDIUM or even LOW while opening the liveness session.

Fixed issues 


Known Issues 

  • Identity Document web capture – through web browser – is not supported on iOS


New features and Improvements 

  • US Identity Claim Verification: the service has now the capability to verify claimed SSN, address, phone number and credit card number for US citizens. For more details refer to: /identity-proofing/develop/identity-proofing-verification/
  • Liveness Detection: the pass rate is improved when the liveness decision is computed on the backend and false rejects is divided by 2

Fixes issues 

  • Bug Fix on NFC server component
  • With Android/iOS SDK and connected liveness : face best image is full size


  • Minor Bug Fix


New features and Improvements 


New features and Improvements 

  • Liveness face capture with NativeSDK verified by the server. This feature strengthen the security of the liveness capture from a native app. For more details, refer to Liveness detection.


New features and Improvements 

  • Mitigation of Document Type and Issuing Country improperly specified by the user in the document verification request
    • If the document status is VERIFIED, then the document type and issuing country detected by the service overwrites the information provided by the user in the API response
  • Two new indicators have been introduced to identify documents that have been rejected because they are banned from the list of authorized documents. AUTHORIZED_ISSUING_COUNTRY and AUTHORIZED_DOCUMENT_TYPE
  • Added the capability to perform of AML, PEP and Interpol Red Notice checks for the verified identities in certain countries (contact your sales representative)


These changes may affect client application implementations under certain circumstances.

  • The size of the ”id” field (Identity Identifier) of the REST API that can be found in the request path, responses body, as well as in the proof file is larger than what it was in previous service versions. It is highly recommended that client applications do not consider it as fixed size, like any other “string” type field
  • The path of the images inside the proof file has been fixed to remove the proof name from the path. If the client application extracts images from the proof for subsequent processing, that may cause the application to fail opening the file.
  • Before : image path = <PROOF_NAME>/images/<DOCUMENT_NAME>
  • Now : image path = images/<DOCUMENT_NAME>


  • Support Back of ID only as document image.
  • Major Document Authentication improvements for US and Polish Identity Documents.
  • US System of Record checks improvements.
  • Integration of WebBioserver Portrait capture with Liveness detection through WebRTC (browser-based video stream).
  • Support of webhooks with customer defined URLs to notify end of evidence processing instead of polling for status.
  • User Mobile Phone number verification using a One Time Password sent with a text message.
  • Improvements of image upload time and proof generation duration.
  • Reducing latency impacts when service is under high throughput.


Full API description :

See your IDEMIA Dashboard for updated API feedback reference and postman examples project.


  • US driver's license and state ID cards verification against the Issuing Source (DMV): As an option to the tenant configuration, verification of those document details against the issuing DMV is available for 31 states. Check the documentation section of the dashboard for more details.

  • Optional Date of Birth: When submitting attributes to verify a claimed identity against an identity document or an issuing source, the date of birth is now optional.

  • Service Healthcheck endpoint: a GET /healthcheck service is now available to get an instant status of the service’s health, and the availability of the different verification capabilities.

Security Fixes 

  • Undefined Multiparts: It is not possible anymore to send multiparts in the HTTP request that are not defined in the API. Now, those requests generate an HTTP 400 error.

  • USER_AGENT API keys restrictions: Creating or deleting an identity, or getting the proof was possible on the staging/integration environment with a USER_AGENT API key. As this is not possible in production, the staging environment has been updated to reflect the behavior of the production environment and receive an HTTP 403 error code.

Other Fixes 

It is no longer possible to submit dates that do not exist or are not relevant to the use case (like future date for a date of birth). Requests containing such dates now receive an HTTP 400 error.



New API features 

  • The service now returns warning indicators in addition to blocking indicators in a dedicated section of the evidence verification result of the API.
  • Optional Detailed=true parameter added to Identity and Evidences GET requests returning detailed information about Positive, Unverified, Warning, Blocking and Mitigated indicators.
  • Ability to delete an identity without retrieving the proof.
  • Ability to get the cropped portrait from a submitted ID Document at API level.

Fixed issues 

  • Document and Portrait processing when orientation is not “Landscape”
  • Full name verification status is lost after multiple submissions