Here you can find more information about integration of Identity Proofing solutions. You’ll need API keys, which you can receive by signing up.

Start integrating 

If you want to integrate with our Identity Proofing Solutions you will require different type of accesses, depending on choosen solution. Detailed information about API keys, OAuth clients, Tenants and endpoinds essential for solutions integration will be described below, in this documentation.


Before moving into technical details you can try out our Web Demo or test native app (available for Android and iOS). By following the instructions and scanning of your document and selfie you can check how do the Proofing Experience work.

Try the Identity Proofing demo to experience it for yourself.

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Transactions & Metrics 

In Transactions you can verify your evidences, check their Transaction Id, timestamp, status and evidence type.

Indentity Proofing - Transactions

Transaction Id is a unique identification name characteristic for each separate evidence event.

Evidence can have three types of validation status:

  • Verified - the evidence was successfully validated,
  • Not verified - the evidence was processed, but not enough checks were performed to make a decision,
  • Invalid - the evidence is considered as unsuccessfull after the checks performed.

Evidence type informs user about the type of identity that was analysed - this might be different types of documents or face portrait.

Development environment 

Identity Proofing is available in two development environments, indicating two different accessibility types.

  • Trial - user can test prooding solutions and anaylyze them with no cost, but for limited number of times,
  • Production - paid admission to commercial access.
Development environments

Depending on Tenant, API key and OAuth client configuation within given development environment user can access various testing environments.

API Keys and OAuth Clients 

As mentioned above, under development environments page user can find not only the environments, but also API keys and OAuth clients.

API Key configuration

Configuration of API keys display information about key validity and usage - user can request for extention of both metrics in case of their expiry. Expanging of API key section also enables to verify ACLs (permissions for a given system resource) and key value, that is hidden by default, however user can check it with "show" button and copy key to the clipboard. In case of potential key leak user can use the function of key rotation and request for a new key value.

Iportant note: old, rotated key should be manually deleted by the user.

SDK access - Artifactory 

Under Artifactory page one can find username and password to the page that allows for extraction of SDKs used for Identity Proofing experience.

For security reasons both username and password are hidden byt default, however for user's convenience they can be verified or copied with "show" and "copy" buttons.

Artifactory Access

Native SDK licenses 

Native SDK page displays more details about SDK Artifactory page. SDKs available there have their validity, usage, license profile ID and Key Value. As for API keys, validity and usage might be extended after user's request. License also needs to be associated with the app it stands for.

Important note: if there are any licenses that are not used it is worth to delete it to omit limits consumption.

Native SDK

Sample code 

Our Identity Proofing and Verification application is now available as an open source code. You can try it out and experiment with integration of the code by yourself.

Both source code and intructions are avaialble on our IDEMIA GitHub page.

Important note: to successfully run our application please follow instructions both for backend (idv-api) and frontend (idv-front) sources.


How can we support you?

We're here to help you be successful with our APIs and SDKs This is where you can view the status of a support ticket or submit a new ticket.

Support Center

Extending Trial 

In order to start the integration, you need an API key and a sandbox environment.

The tenant URL and API Key values can be found on your dashboard once logged in on Environment Access. On the same page you can also request to extend the number of API call consumption and the validity date. Once the request is reviewed by our team you will be notified by e-mail.

The artifactory access are used to download the SDK and the sample applications ( more details on Capture SDK section), you can find the values on your dashboard and once logged in on SDK artifactory and licenses section. On the same page you can also request to extend the number of license consumption and the validity date. Once the request is reviewed by our team you will be notified by e-mail.

Please note that the artifactory access are not the same credentials as the one you use to log in to the eXperience Portal.

Track your progress on your dashboard with our analytics by checking the history of transactions and a dedicated performance KPIs for your account on Transaction history and Identity Proofing Performance.

Next steps 

Links to the other Quickstarts for each of the products.

Capture SDKs

Help the user capture the clearest selfie or documentation for authentication.

Identity Proofing & Verification

The tools you need to ensure your customers are who they claim to be with a certain level of assurance.

Biometric Services

Fingerprint and face algorithms along with liveness detection for the security you expect.

Identity Proofing App

Verify the authenticity of documents and perform face matching from our existing app.